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Athletics » 8th Grade Basketball- Boys and Girls

8th Grade Basketball- Boys and Girls

Mountainside 8th Grade Basketball

8th Grade Boys and Girls

Start Date: 
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 

In order to be eligible to practice you must have a physical and be registered on “Family ID” 

(You only need to register once for the year! Just click on each sport you might be interested in playing.) 


Physicals are required to participate and are good for two years. If your child needs a physical, we will offer them at Mountainside on August 21st, 2018 from 5:00-6:30 PM. The cost is $20.00 cash only please.  

You may access Family ID on the Mountainside Athletics Website or through the link below.


Family ID registration includes:

    1. Physical (Valid for 2 years)
    2. Insurance waiver
    3. Emergency form
    4. Athletic code of conduct
    5. Concussion form
    6. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form
    7. ASB card $15payable at the Business Office (Valid for all sports played)
    8. Participation fee $30, payable at the Business Office (One time fee for all sports played)                           *prices are subject to chance

8th Grade- Practice Schedule:

PM: 2:40- 5:00 (Activity Busses Leave at 5:15 * No Activity Busses on Fridays)

AM: 6:15- 7:30 (West Doors by the Gym Open at 6:00am)

* Due to the high number of student-athletes and lack of gym space, teams are occasionally required to practice before school. We understand this may be inconvenient for families, so we try to limit the number of AM practices to as few as possible. Unfortunately, this is our only option to get the required number of practices required by the WIAA.


First Two Weeks Practice Schedule:

                     Girls:                    Boys:

12-Feb Tuesday PM Practice   PM Practice 12-Feb Tuesday
13-Feb Wednesday PM Practice   AM Practice 13-Feb Wednesday
14-Feb Thursday AM Practice   PM Practice 14-Feb Thursday
15-Feb Friday PM Practice   AM Practice 15-Feb Friday
18-Feb Monday No Practice - President's Day   No Practice - President's Day 18-Feb Monday
19-Feb Tuesday PM Practice   AM Practice 19-Feb Tuesday
20-Feb Wednesday AM Practice   PM Practice 20-Feb Wednesday
21-Feb Thursday PM Practice   AM Practice 21-Feb Thursday
22-Feb Friday AM Practice   PM Practice 22-Feb Friday
25-Feb Monday PM Practice   AM Practice 25-Feb Monday
26-Feb Tuesday JV Scrimmage- 3:00-5:00 -- Varsity AM Practice   JV Scrimmage- 3:00-5:00 -- Varsity AM Practice 26-Feb Tuesday
27-Feb Wednesday AM Practice   PM Practice 27-Feb Wednesday
8th Grade Boys Schedules: Coming Soon
Coaches and Contact Information:
8th Grade Girls
Varsity: David Pratt ( )
Junior Varsity: Erin Glasser ( )
Junior Varsity: Melissa Mather ( )
8th Grade Boys
Varsity: Danny Figueira ( )
Junior Varsity: Ross Thies ( )
Junior Varsity: Rick Waldt ( )
*Coaches will attempt to answer all emails in a timely fashion*
*Need immediate assistance? Please call the school during business hours at 465-7400*