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Students » 8th Grade Supply List

8th Grade Supply List

8th Grade Class Supplies List
1. One three inch binder
2. Dividers (package of 8)
3. One box colored pencils
4. Metric Ruler
5. Paper for notebook binder - white 8 1/2" x 11" college-ruled
6. Several pencils (no. 2) and pens for daily class usage
7. 3 Packs of 3" x 5" lined index cards
8. Scientific Calculator (TI-30XS or TI34 preferred for Algebra and Geometry students)
9. Graph paper (4 squares per inch)
10. Pencil bag (one that snaps into the binder)
11. Highlighters (3 of any color)
12. 2 or 3 Dry Erase markers (black)-In person learning only.
13. 4 Composition Notebooks
14. 2 Spiral Notebooks (College Rule)
15. Personal Ear Buds
16. Backpack-In person learning only
 Due to COVID restrictions, students will not begin the school year using lockers. All materials will need to be kept in their backpacks. Please consider purchasing a backpack that has added padding for a computer as all students will be issued a Chromebook this year.
17. Tennis Shoes for PE
 Due to COVID restrictions, students will not be required to dress down for PE. However, they will be required to bring tennis shoes to change into for their PE class.