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News and Announcements

Tuesday, October 6th Altered Schedule

1st period 8:15-9:03
2nd period 9:07-9:55
BIP 9:55-10:06
3rd period 10:10-10:58
1st lunch 10:58-11:43 1st 4th period 11:02-11:50
2nd lunch 11:50-12:35 2nd 4th period 11:47-12:35

5th period 12:39-1:27
BIP 1:27-1:38
6th period 1:42-2:30

Fund Run Race Day Schedule

8:15-8:30 Report to 6th period and prepare for run
8:30-8:45 Students move to race course locations
8:45-9:45 RACE TIME
9:45-10:10 Students back to 6th period
11:00-11:25 6th period class
11:25-11:55 First lunch 11:25-12:15 First 6th period
12:15-1:05 Second lunch 11:59-1:05 Second 6th period
12:45-1:15 Set up for Carnival
2:15-2:30 Clean up

Fund Run Information

Altered schedule for Thursday, October 1
Extended lunch schedule
1st period: 8:15-9:09
2nd period: 9:13-10:01
3rd period: 10:05-10:53
1st lunch: 10:53-11:38 1st 4th period: 10:57-11:50
2nd lunch: 11:50-12:35 2nd 4th period: 11:42-12:35
5th period: 12:39-1:28
6th period: 1:32-2:25
Fund run announcement: 2:25-2:30

Pledge sheet attached - click on "Fund Run Information"
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2015 Fund Run Donors

A HUGE thank you to the following Fund Run Donors
Taco Del Mar
Little Caesars
Tomato Street
Pattison's Skating
Zips - Mead
Triple Play
Pounder's Jewelry
Jewelry Design Center
Mountain Gear
Dr. Bret Johnson Orthodontics
Sweet Frostings
31 Gifts
Hoffman's Music
Pine Acres Par 3
Dutch Bros. Coffee
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