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Halloween Costume Guidelines

What is acceptable to wear and what is not acceptable to wear???


So what is NOT acceptable?

Masks that cover your eyes or face including sunglasses.

Costume props such as plastic guns, knives, clubs, swords, spears

Hatchets/knives through the head

Costumes depicting violence (blood, cuts, burns, amputations etc.)

Cross dressing

Costumes that are too revealing or see through (see dress code)

Costumes with underwear on the outside of clothing

Gang related dress items; such as bandana’s/dew rags etc.


What IS acceptable?

Face painting. Painting must be done at home before you come to school. [Face painting and hair coloring products are not allowed at school.]

Costumes of super heroes, comic strip characters

Costumes of historical figures such as presidents, pioneers, astronauts, sport figures etc.

Hats that contribute to the costume and that are not dangerous like metal helmets


Please use your best judgment.