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AVID College Week

College Week opened with the AVID classes greeting students Monday morning as they stepped off the buses and welcoming them to College Week. The AVID classes decorated the halls of the school with college pennants created by 7th and 8th graders to represent the college or university they are currently interested in attending. They also shared information with their classmates at the college booth set up during lunches, helped organize the staff vs. student volleyball game, and distributed college gear to students who were watching the game in the gym, swag that was donated by colleges from around the country based on letters written by the AVID students to the bookstores of each college/university. Daily college trivia questions were also asked during morning announcements, and daily winners were presented with additional college gear ranging from lanyards and pens to pennants and water bottles. College Week came to a close on Friday with the AVID students determining which homeroom was wearing the most college gear. The winning classrooms received cinch sacks, water bottles, and pennants for their efforts. Thank you AVID students for doing your part to promote a higher education for ALL students at Mountainside!