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Middle School & High School Friday Schedule Change Effective Dec. 4

Our teachers and students in both remote and in-person instruction deserve so much credit for doing all they can to make this year as successful as possible. The Mead School District is the largest district in the state of Washington to offer in-person instruction at the level we have. It is incredible to see that while only 2.7 percent of students state-wide have access to in-person instruction, our district makes up nearly 7,600 of the 32,000 in-person learners. And for the 10,000-plus students in the district, we couldn’t be prouder of the way the district has rallied together to ensure everyone has access to the learning option that best fits their own family situation. 

Through recent focus groups and district-wide surveys, our families and teachers have given us valuable feedback that we are planning to implement as soon as possible. There were definite themes that came through loud and clear, and for us, it reinforced that many teachers and families are on the same page because those major themes were similar. 

The major themes we heard from parents and teachers were:

  • Teaching and learning remotely, while a class is in session simultaneously, is extremely difficult.

  • More training and help on new technology platforms deployed this year is needed.

  • For those in the hybrid model, “off” days and Fridays are tough for teachers and students to connect and maintain pacing.

  • There are hardware issues with chromebooks, connectivity, second screens, cameras and microphones.

  • Students would benefit from more direct instruction and contact with their teachers.

As a result of this feedback, a team of stakeholders worked together to come up with an adjustment to our secondary schedule to address some of these concerns. Beginning December 4th, on FRIDAYS, ALL Secondary Hybrid students (both A & B) will attend a 6-period “remote” day each week from home. This change will benefit our students and staff in many ways including:

  • Allowing teachers to keep A and B students on the same pace.

  • Creating opportunities for 1:1 and small group work, as well as time for students to access their teachers for help outside of the classroom. 

  • Instead of every-other-week instruction on Fridays, ALL students will attend a 6-period “remote” day EVERY Friday starting December 4th. Please click here to see the updated Friday schedule for December 4th and beyond

  • Students will now be guaranteed instruction 3 days per week, rather than only seeing their teachers sometimes twice a week.

  • Friday schedule that allows for some teacher training time so staff can best support our students under these circumstances.

Additional information on how this change will impact Special Education students will be forthcoming, however DLC and Compass students will continue to come to school everyday. 

As we all continue to work through this unique and challenging year, we are always open to feedback and information. We are proud to be part of a community that prides itself on its amazing K-12 education. Let’s work together to continue to ensure we have opportunities for all of our families.